Holladay is a beautiful addition to Salt Lake County with ample greenery. The location lends itself to accessibility to Downtown Salt Lake as well as many ski resorts. The housing market has always been a strong and made Holladay a desirable place to live. The new Town Center has become the heart of the city with wonderful restaurants, movie theatres, shopping and a center for Holladay celebrations.

Here are some stats:

  • Population: 26,472 (2010)
  • Average age: 38.4

(Information provided by the U.S. Census Bureau)

  • Single family homes for sale: 178
  • Single family homes sold in the last 30 days: 67

(Information provided by Utah Real Estate)


Holladay Bank & Trust was founded in 1974 with desire to serve its community. To this day it has kept with that motto and tradition. With deep roots in the community Holladay Bank & Trust has become a community bank that is well known for its customer service. Holladay Bank & Trust has financed many businesses in Holladay and throughout the Salt Lake Valley.